7 factors that influence erectile dysfunction

Many times men fear that their sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction, come with aging. Most researchers do but agree: age has nothing to do with your ability to maintain an erection, but there are indeed many factors that can influence erectile function. There are the best known factors that influence your sex life and can lead to erectile dysfunction:

Depression and also using antidepressants have a negative effect on sexual activity. Patients taking these drugs suffer from a lack of libido and sexual pleasure, which lead eventually to erectile dysfunction. Experts urge those who have such problems to seek medical advice. The medical specialist can help the patient solve this problem and as a result to restore sexual function.

Stress lowers libido and lead to erectile dysfunction. The most common stressors that interfere with sexual life are: a stressful job, a hectic family life, financial worries, the loss of a loved one. If you experience such problems try to find a way to relieve stress. It is good to make time for yourself or ask for help.

Improper diets, fast food, also have a negative impact on your private life. A healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruit may help with erectile problems. This may sound too simple solution, but it turned out to help men with erectile dysfunction. So you will only benefit from a balanced diet. Do not forget about dairy, meat, garlic, onions, fish, raisins, peanuts, because these foods contain the amino acid L-Arginine in large quantities ; it is an important ingredient of natural pills that treat erectile dysfunction. Also avoid alcohol, smoking and recreational drugs. Do not eat fatty foods; they will slow down the blood flow and will increase cholesterol levels, thus increasing the chances of impotence.

Lack of sleep has some extremely unpleasant effects on the body, and one of them is low libido. Also sleepless nights affect our memory, physical appearance, and ability to the pleasures of life.

Low self-esteem has a negative impact on sexual life. One of the reasons people have sex is to feel comfortable in their skin. Low self-esteem creates a potential sexual failure. If this problem is not resolved quickly temporary erectile dysfunction may become permanent.

Almost 75% of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction. This disease is characterized by the presence of higher concentrations of blood glucose. This damages the blood vessels and also peripheral nerve fibers, especially sensitive fibers. As a result penile vascularization is affected which leads to erectile dysfunction.