Exercise against erectile dysfunction

Erection disorders are growing along with age. Men who practice sport regularly have fewer problems with erection than those who lead a sedentary life, regardless of age, say a study conducted by experts from Harvard University in Boston, and recently published by a British medical journal. The study included 30,000 men between 53 and 90 years and began in 1986. Those included in the study were questioned in connection with the habits of life, health, sex life, drug use, alcohol or tobacco. The researchers found that almost 33 percent of men had erectile dysfunction. They also confirmed that erectile dysfunction increase gradually with age, thus, at 50 years impotence reach 26 % of men, at 60 years 40 % and at 70 years 61 %.

Men who get exercise on a regular basis have fewer erectile problems. Those who, for example, are walking at least three hours a week have a 30 percent lower risk of developing erectile dysfunction than those who spend more time sitting at the desk or in front of the TV. Also sport delays for almost ten years the first signs of impotence. In contrast, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and physical inactivity (more than 20 hours of TV a week) increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Obesity and increased body mass index (over 28.7) enhance by 30 % the likelihood of impotence.

Other risk factors include diabetes, long term treatment with antidepressants or beta-blockers (for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure). Doctors believe that erectile dysfunction is closely related to blood vessel health and general recommendations targeting cardiovascular health are also valid for erectile dysfunction.

Professionals offer some advice to men who want to regain or maintain their sexual potency. Sleep is very important for the maintenance of sexual energy. For potency, the best sleep is between 23.00 and 7.00. The best are the dynamic sports (running, swimming, martial arts, tennis, and basketball), these allow the accumulation of energy in the cells.

Strength sports like bodybuilding and weightlifting are not suitable for maintaining a good sexual tone. The frequency of sexual relations depends on the rhythm of each individual. Sexual intercourse is a regulator of sexual function and a tonic for the entire body. If the man feels tired or he does not have a desire for sexual contact the frequency should be reduced. The foods most suitable for stimulating and maintaining sexual tone are hen eggs (contraindicated for those who suffer from hypercholesterolemia), ginger, pepper, kiwi and peanuts.