Your sexual life is not so bright as it used to be? Avanafil will make things right

When dark clouds of impotence gather above your intimate life and you are forced tolive in fear of being struck by it the moment you are totally not ready for a failure it’s time toreact and do it fast. Modern drug market offers a wide range of impotence fighting medicationswhich don’t differ much. But recently a new medication of this type emerged on the marketbringing along new options which can’t be competed by other preparations.

The medication we are talking about is called Avanafil. So what special options can itoffer the customer? First of all, it’s the period between the moment it is taken and the momentit gives the effect which makes Avanafil stand aside from other medications. Now it takes thepatient only 15-30 minutes to feel the appropriate effect. Getting erection has never been fasterwith erectile dysfunction medication!

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The other good news is that Avanafil is more tolerant to alcohol then other EDmedications. Still the patient shouldn’t take more than three beverages not to interfere withmedication action.

How does Avanafil work to help patients achieve the best results? It slows down anenzyme named phosphodiesterase which blocks the action of the chemical named cyclic GMP.It’s due to cyclic GMP that a man gets erection. What is the connection between a chemicaland erection? – You may ask. We have the answer to this question: cyclic GMP widens bloodvessels in penis and thus let the blood pressure increase because the vessels get filled with a largeamount of blood. As a result the patient gets erection. To make it easier we can say that Avanafilmerely affects blood flow in penis making it higher and in addition relaxes muscles in the wholegenitalia area so that they won’t clamp vessels.

On top of all Avanafil has fewer side effects compared to other erectile dysfunctionmedications, and that is definitely a plus, isn’t it?

As for No’s which always come hand in hand with any medication there are only acouple of them:- no second dose within 24 hours since the moment you’ve taken the first one;- no grapefruit or juice made of it as this fruit conflicts with the medication;- no other ED medication taken at the same time with Avanafil.

Now you’ve got an opportunity to buy Avanafil online saving your time, money andnerves and let pleasure and self-confidence return to your life!